Sunday, October 8, 2017


A lot of people over internet ask why Google created Pixelbook.
And says on the same breath that it for sure cannot compete with MacBook or even PC.

I think that it was never intention.

It should compete with iPad Pro.

And because it have true web browser, and ability to run Android apps it may be even better than iPad Pro...

Only problem is, that nobody will buy it :-(

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Sunday, September 24, 2017

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud

I'm guessing that Google should find catchy name for its cloud solution.
Something like Android for mobile or Chrome for browser.

Here Google Trends comparing search for AWS/Azure/Google Cloud:

As we can see people are searching mainly for AWS and Azure, but not too much for Google Cloud.

It's even better visible when you will look on YouTube searches:

And as all developers knows when you are looking for first info, you first look over web, next you move to YouTube for some short and sweet descriptions.

My guess is that developers are looking for available options for cloud, and it is much easier to look for something specific like aws or azure, not for "google cloud".
Term "google cloud" may means everything, from "cloud" of search terms, by Google infrastructure, Google services like Google Drive, and Google products like compute engine and so on.

Maybe it would be good idea to use one catchy phrase to name all Google cloud products? Appspot wasn't soo bad ;-)

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Buying christmas lights in September isn’t easy ;-)

Who knows that it is really difficult to buy simple christmas lights in September ;-)

Yep, this is possible, but not so easy like in December ;-)

And I have simple dream, I would like to have christmas lights hanging on one of my bookshelfs (exactly 2 Kalaxes which are dividing my kittchen anex from rest of my studio).
And I would like to light those one by simple „OK, Google make lights” or similar.

This second part is already done. Thanks to some magic from TP-Link and one of theirs products.

Now I only needs lights...

I was hopping to buy those in normal brick and mortar shop, but it seems that those are seasonal...
So I will need to buy those in the net... and wait...

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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Lemon battery...

One of my wildest dreams was to build lemon or potato battery to power Raspberry Pi...

I always thought that it should be easy.

~14 years ago on some industrial fair one of companies was showing some small device powered by potato battery, so I thought that this should work with Rasbperry Pi too.

Problem is that according to science (or at least Wikipedia ;-)) lemon battery build from 1 lemon gives up to 1 mA of current...
And according to this site minimal current needed for RPi vary from 80 mA up to 1250 mA...

So it seems that I would need at least 80 lemons only to power RPi....

It doesn't look as viable plan ;-)

And it also seems that this company I remember wasn't showing working device ;-)
They would much more energy to power device, especially that this was some device connected to GSM modem ;-)

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2+ years without a car

Little more than 2 years ago I have collision on highway, and my car transformed from nice but old to simple old ;-)
I tried to repair it, but after spending 1/3 of its price at the time on repairs I got something doesn’t worth of trust.
As a result of this I stopped to drive, and latter throw out a car.

And now I’m more than 2 years without a car.

And to be honest I don’t fell a pain.

Living in city center has its advantages. Everything is soo close that you may go by foot, or in worst case by mass transport, or bike.
In less than 15 minutes on foot I’m able to reach almost all needed places.
Thanks to on-line shoping I don’t need to visit grocery store for big shoping. I simply order on-line, and for smaller things I have shope in the same building I live ;-)

But sometimes I’m thinking about buying a car...
Mainly because I’m used to have a car.
But to be honest I don’t need one.

At least for now.

And looking on prices, I’m not sure if I want to spend half of my yearly wages on something what I will use maybe twice a month.

After a while of thinking - for me biggest advantage of car would be this what it would occupy my parking spot and I would not need to check ocasionally if somebody isn’t using it without my permission ;-)

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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Experiment.... will try to not complain by next 21 days....

I'm reading Tools of Titans* and in one of interviews Tim Ferris mentioned 21 Day Non Complaint Experiment.
So I'm trying to perform it on myself ;-)

I started with key-leash wrapped around my left wrist.
We will see how it will work ;-)

* - to be honest chapter about psychodelic was little bit scary, I can understand that psychodelics with proper psychological help may do wonders for people with terminal conditions, and cause that they will not be afraid, but I'm still scared when I think about using any narcotics or similar things. Even when I decided that if I will have legal possibility I will try weed (not look for trying but if it will be easy I may try)

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I'm close to decide to abandon Linux.....

I'm using Linux on my private computer by last 4 years.
It was good time.

But to be honest I'm starting to think that my next computer will not be with Linux.


Linux is great.
I'm using daily Ubuntu, now in 16.04 version.

I love command line and keyboard shortcuts.

So why I'm thinking about change?

Because of software. Lack of it and not the best quality of it.

I would like to use SourceTree to work with HG and GIT. I know I may use command line, but I would prefer to use SourceTree.
On Windows and macOS it is possible, on Linux not.

I would like to have video drivers working nice with software, and not to have broken vsync in YouTube videos.

When I'm using InteliJ I would like to see nice fonts.

I love Unity on Ubuntu. But Canonical stopped to love it ;-) and 18.04 will not have Unity.
Yeah, probably somebody will make unofficial packages with this. But those will be unofficial.

So, I think that I will need to abandon Linux as desktop OS...

I'm still not sure if I will do it, but I'm starting to think about it.

Earlier I was thinking about buying ultrabook or something similar and using it alongside my "desktop" laptop running Ubuntu, but now I'm thinking about replacing my desktop Linux with something else.

In theory I need to choose from Windows or macOS.

But to be honest, I don't like Microsoft software.
I know that Windows run on a lot of machines, I love some software on Windows like Total Commander and IrfanView, but I don't trust MS.
Mainly because of Windows 8.

So I will probably go with macOS....

Don't like this idea, but at least they still have quiet good command line, nice fonts, a lot of Software, and usually don't abandon solutions...

But even thinking about moving to macOS on my private desktop, I will hope that maybe Google will decide to go to desktop OSes ;-) [No, they will not, but I may hope ;-)]

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