Saturday, June 23, 2018

Decluttering of phone :-)

Last Friday or Thursday I looked on my phone and realized that I have too many apps on start screen.
At time it looked somehow like this:

Icons and Folders were set in slightly different way (once o week I'm reorganizing some apps, like WhatsApp, Chrome, Inbox to make it more difficult to start those "on autopilot"), but number was exactly the same.

Now I have still a lot of icons, but number is smaller:

Still I have place to improvement, but I'm moving in right direction ;-)

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Sunday, March 25, 2018

My Clipboard says that I'm a programmer ;-)

Several days ago I started to use CopyQ (so Clipboard Manager which lets you return to things earlier in clipboard - works on Linux, macOS/OSX and as I heard also on Windows).

And now I counted how many pieces of code I have in latest 100 positions...

And it seems that it was 40 :-)

So 40% of all things in my clipboard are fragments of code ;-)

Someone may say that this means that I must copy/paste a lot of code ;-)
But no, this was my code :-)

Some of those were tests for DCEVM which I first were putting in other test classes, and latter moved to new one (it was easier to copy them than use move), pieces of code of DCEVM, and some programming tasks I was moving to other project (to have list of solutions for people checking first stage of our interview process)).

So, I must say it - I'm a programmer ;-)

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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Biggest problem with WhatsApp, Telegram, Allo, Duo and so on

To be honest I was trying not to use any of "new wave" communicators as long as it was possible.

Main reason why I don't like those is the fact that your account is assigned to phone number.
This is strange, and not cool.

First of all you may use those only on mobile devices which has SIM card and phone number...
So if your tablet don't have such you will not use it...
Second if you change your phone number you have next set of problems...
Especially if you are on trip, and change SIM card to local operator to have Internet in your phone.....

So I still prefer Hangouts over those. I may use Hangouts on phone, tablet and PC without any difficult hassle...

I wonder when those will "invent" accounts instead of phone numbers......

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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Using Pythonista to Journaling ;-)

I'm using my iPad Pro to journaling.
Each day I'm trying to write what I done, what I'm happy for, what I learn and so on...

I like also book The Martian ;-)
And each entry of Mark Watney in The Martian starts from date (in Sols).
It would not work for me, but number of days from my birthday? ;-)

So I wrote small Python script which I run on Pythonista.

import time
import clipboard
import webbrowser
import console
import util

#if you want to use it put below your birthdate :-)
birthday=time.strptime("1900-01-11 7:45","%Y-%m-%d %H:%M")




Which is using next script (

from objc_util import *
from ctypes import *
import sys

def startBundle(bundleId):

So first script is calculating number of days from my birthday.
For now it is 14531.84021 days ;-)

Next this with some additional text is copied to clipboard.

Next using method startBundle from util module it starts iA Writer :-)

My only job is to do CMD-V (on keyboard of my iPad Pro) and start to write about my day :-)

This startBundle may start any of program on iPad, only thing which we need to know is an id of application (here is instruction how to get this ID for known program).

I would really love to be able to instruct iA Writer to create new file and paste my text at beginning of it... but as for now I'm not able to do so ;-)

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Monday, December 18, 2017

Know country behind apps on your phone....

Smartphone knows a lot about its owner.
Knows where this person is.
Knows with whom this person talk.
Can listen. Can make photos.

So, it is better if you know who can know this stuff about you.

I may be little paranoid, but lets be honest, I don't trust companies from countries like Russia or China...

If I need to choose being tracked by NSA or CIA, or by FSB, I will always choose NSA and CIA.
Of course if I can I would like to be sure that any of those track me ;-)

So I looked on apps on my phone.
Among 94 my results looks like this (yep, I counted Google as country ;-))

my own4
Czech Republic1
South Korea1
was Google1

Happily nothing from Russia ;-)
Sadly some apps from China.
One is Kasa from TP-Link, second is Motoconnect from Motorola. So I hope that I may trust those.
CamScanner is little bit tricky. I'm not scanning top secret documents, but this makes me little bit worried.
Wifi Analyzer too...
I have one app which I don't know from where it is. This is Barcode scanner, don't know why but name of developer sounds like China. Happily this is open source.

But looking on this list I know almost for sure that I will not install Telegram. Sorry...
Will rather go in direction of WhatsApp... but I'm not happy with that.

To be honest I spend near one hour checking from where is given developer.
And in most cases I was checking both info on Google Play, and for whom domain is registered.

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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Coursers courses debugging ;-)

I really like Coursera, and set of courses about deep learning (from, but I must make note to myself:
"DO NOT attend new (fresh) courses before those will not stabilize"

Today I finished 4th (as for now last, 5th will be available "soon") course in path.
It was quiet interesting, about convolutional neural networks.
But almost in each of assignments some bugs were present.

In last set of assignments those were biggest (things like this that first task is described as second, and second as first, or this that to do second task (described as first) you need to break your code, and in first task (described as second) despite this that during creation of functions you are using TensorFlow, latter example code is trying to pass there numpy objects....

I need simply wait some time, till those courses will not be debugged :-)

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Monday, November 6, 2017

Worflow - my biggest disapotiment of iOS

Long befor having anything with iOS I heard about Worflow.
Wonderful app which was able to automate a lot of stuff on iOS.

I was looking for something similar to this what I imagnied on Android, and each of those tools was disapointing...

So finally when I got iPad Pro, I installed Workflow.

It was nice, shiny.... and completly useless...*

It seems that Workflow is build for people who need to automate some trivial stuff, and are complety OK with whole hassle with clicking, opening windows and so on.

This is really powerfull tool.
It is very usefull tool.
But not for me, and users like me.

Problem is not in Workflow but in my needs. I needed something what would help me automate some things where the best solution would be to write app, or in very untypical cases (like copying files from iCloud to Google Drive).
In some of those cases I already have apps created to do a job.
So automation given to me by this powerfull tool is in my cases not needed.

And because of this tool which looked for me so promising, is one of rarest started apps on my iPad...
To be honest I’m running it from time to time to check if maybe somehow I will be able to use it... but as for now answer was always „no” ;-)

* - very important addition here - it was useless for me.

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