Saturday, May 22, 2010

Buzz Troll Remover v0.3.2

If you are using Google Buzz you might notice that Buzz lacks one feature. Hiding or blocking comments from some people under others peoples buzzes.

When you are following some popular person its almost sure that one or two commenter of buzzes from this person will be rude, unpleasant, too talkative or at least boring.
In other words, it is almost sure that you will meet an Internet Troll :-)

You may fight with it, but it isn't the best way, it is one of the worst. Internet trolls loves to fight and fighting with them gives them power.
So better way is to ignore, but ignoring is difficult when somebody writes unpleasant, rude or stupid comments.....
And in this place Buzz Troll Remover is :-)

You simply need to install it, and after this you will see in Buzz in your Gmail small [x] near name of each person in Buzz:

After you will see prompt with question if you really want to hide all comments from given person:

Movie below shows has it works :-)

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gouraud Shading in JavaScript :-)

[Update I just changed demo to new version, now on my machine it reaches speed from 90 to 100-110 fps per second :-)]

I was wondering if it is even possible to create Gouraud Shading with JavaScript.

And answer is yes :-)

Here is a proof on youtube :-)

I was wondering also if it is possible to run it on G1 on Android 1.6, and answer is also yes:

As you can see on Chrome we have about 30-40 fps [when recording was of it was almost always near 50 fps on my laptop with Intel Core Duo 2 2.2 GHz on Chrome 5, 20-25 fps on Firefox], on G1 it was only 0.5 fps :-)

If you want to check how it will work on your machine you may try:

If you are reading this post by RSS or Buzz you may use direct link to demo :-)

It will work on Chrome, Chromium and Firefox. I don't know why it doesn't work on Opera :-(

Earlier versions of this worked about 5-10 times slower but it was caused by using fillRect(int,int,int,int) of Canvas object, now I'm working directly with pixels and this gives us big speed boost :-)

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