Saturday, January 14, 2017


The most underestimated piece of furniture at home is whiteboard ;-)

Always wanted to have one, but it seems that this isn't a thing which you may buy in your corner shop...
But we live in Era of Internet, so this is not a problem ;-)

Usually in short term memory human can keep up to 7 elements, and often those are connected...
So you may draw those and thinking becomes easier ;-)

But I never learned how to use piece of paper and pencil, and usually don't have any near me.
So lots of ideas is being worked on in my head, and problem with this is that I don't have such big head ;-)

And here enters whiteboard, where you may write, draw, clear and keep important things.

So it is needed, but usually nobody buys it to home.... And in such home thinking is more difficult ;-)

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  1. What model have you bought?
    Most of standing whiteboards are on three tiny legs that take lots of space.

    1. Flipchart Nobo Barracuda Pro