Monday, November 29, 2010

OOo2GD help site

I started to create page with some kind of help for OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs users.
Currently it describes all OOo2GD windows and gives short description of autoupdate aka synchronization feature.

I'm open for any suggestion according to this site, and OOo2GD :-)

So go and see help for OOo2GD :-)

I also started to collect users feedback in one area.
I was asked by some users to add OOo2GD to Google Apps Marketplace. I would like to do it, but Google wants 100 USD for it. It isn't much but it is still 100 USD which I may spent on something else ;-)
So I created form where OOo2GD users may "vote" for this if I should start to collect donations for adding OOo2GD to Google Apps Marketplace.

You may vote here:

Voting for Yes you don't declare that you will donate anything, so don't afraid :-)
If you think that this whole voting, or considering donation isn't good idea, or you want say anything about adding OOo2GD to Google Apps Marketplace, please put your comments in this form.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

People doesn't read...

It's sad but this conclusion appears after reading comments under post about Connect Cloud for MS Office.

A lot of people asks Google "when version for".

Because OOo2GD can the same [as I may say from description] what Cloud Connect I put links to places where users may read about OOo2GD or download it.

And what?

Nothing ;-) People still asks "when version for".

I would understand if they would write "OK, OOo2GD sux/I don't like it, I prefer version from Google, when it will be available?", but no. They simply doesn't read comments above and asks the same question continuously ;-)

It will be sad [for me] when Google will create theirs plugin for :-( It will be moment when development of OOo2GD will not have sense.
In ideal world ;-) they would take OOo2GD and fix it to theirs purposes ;-)
Nice dream ;-) but who in Google knows about OOo2GD?
Probably nobody ;-)

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

OOo2GD 2.3.0 - new documents, and autoupdate in work ;-)

After long time I present to you newest OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs in version 2.3.0.
New in this version is support for new documents in Google Docs [to turn it on in Google Docs go to Settings -> Documents settings -> Editing and check checkbox near New version...].
Thanks to this you can work on documents which shows all changes almost in real time.

You can see it on video above.
On the right side of screen you can see where I typed some text, on the left you can see open document from Google Docs [in Google Chrome].
After each saving of document in [here by CTRL-S] content of this document is in seconds moved to Google Docs where you can see it after some short time:

Currently interval for checking if document was updated in is equal 5 or 10 seconds.

If you will use autoupdate you need to know that OOo2GD has small bug causing that first update in autoupdate may doesn't work, but next updates of document will work :-)

As always you can download newest OOo2GD from OOo2GD page in Extensions Pages, or from project page.

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