Saturday, February 21, 2009

OOo2GD 1.5.0 - we can download spreadsheets :-)

The recent changes in Google Docs API give us oportunity to perform fully supported downloading from Google Docs. Thanks to this from version 1.5.0 OOo2GD supports downloading of documents, presentations and [tada!!] spreadsheets :-)
Downloading will work for regular Google Docs accounts as for Google Apps accounts.

Changes in 1.5.0:
  • downloading of spreadsheets/li>
  • downloading from Google Apps accounts

  • change of directory to download files, it was temporary directory, from now it will be user directory

  • automagic renaming of file names, if in directory where file is downloaded we have file with the same name, we will save our downloaded file under other name

  • next changes in "thread model" of OOo2GD, thanks to this we should finally eliminate "no object DCH for MIME type application/atom+xml"

Download :-)

As shows results of survey, most of OOo2GD users [94%] uses it mainly to work with Google Docs.

For now I try to find out a way to add support for MacOS... Apple want to be original and they had theirs own Java, and for now OOo2GD don't work with MacOS.
I'm thinking also about some new features, one of those features is automagic synchronization, but for now it's only idea ;-)

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