Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bloggeroid 1.2 - let's make it simpler

New version of Bloggeroid, this time 1.2.

Because last version was rather difficult to use (I know it, because I - author has problems with using it ;-)) so I tried to make it easier to use.

Saving to SD card disappeared from Publishing screen and is now available on Post Editor in Menu. Editing exiting posts was renamed to Load exiting posts, and now after choosing it you need to choose if you want to load post from blog or from SD.
Also loading post content from blog or SD changes content of post in Post Editor (generally it should be only one Post Editor).
To avoid situations when you will loose your post because you will hit Back when it will not be needed, I added special "feature" which detects using of Back button and shows text about this that if you want to close you need to use Back button one more time (exactly in 2 seconds ;-)).

Hope those changes will make Bloggeroid more predicable and more useful.

Please share with your opinions, and feature requests :-)

Here is QRCode for Android Market :-)

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bloggeroid 1.1 :-)

And here it is :-)
New version of Bloggeroid :-) This time with version number 1.1 :-)

Most important feature is saving posts to SD card, and reading posts from SD card.

Here you may see how blogging from Bloggeroid works:

And here how editing of existing posts works for posts from blogs, and SD card :-)

Here QRCode to Android Market :-)

If you will found any problems please send me information about it!

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Monday, August 16, 2010

What sux in Android Market


As a developer I would like to have possibility to communicate with users. If they have problems with my App I would like to be able to communicate with them. To ask questions.

Currently only way to communicate is to use description or comment, but in both cases you are limited in size (for description limit is set to 325 characters). And truly both those "channels" are intended to something other.

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Anybody with HTC Evo?

It seems that Bloggeroid have big problems with HTC Evo. It's something with images but I cannot say what.

So I'm searching for anybody with Evo who will be able to help me :-)
I will create special version or versions of Bloggeroid, and owner of HTC Evo who will want to help will check if problem still exists ;-)

So, anybody with HTC Evo here? :-)

[I'm not able to test it, first I don't have Evo, second Evo will even don't work in my country or even on my continent :-) we have here GSM/HSDPA not CDMA or EV-DO :-)]

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bloggeroid 1.0 :-)

I just published my first app to Android Market :-)
It's called Bloggeroid and it's simple Blogger client for Android.

To download it go to Android Market and search for Bloggeroid, or simply use this QR code:

Bloggeroid is simple. First screen which you will see is screen for writing post. You will choose where to publish when your post will be written :-)

Here list of things which you may do with Bloggeroid:
  • to write a blog post,
  • to add picture or pictures to post,
  • to decide where in post content those images should be placed,
  • to use simple "wikisyntax" (**bold** and __italic__),
  • to publish your posts on any of your Blogger blogs,
  • to use multiple Blogger accounts,
  • to publish your posts as draft,
  • to edit existing posts,
  • to share images from gallery and send those images to your blog.

This all in stable and simple way :-)
App takes after installation about 120KB, so it will make happy users of all older phones like G1.

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