Sunday, March 31, 2019

DST may not be so stupid as it looks...

European Commission decided that Europe as a whole will end with moving clocks twice a year.
It seems reasonable, but...
If whole Europe will stay in given time offsets and will decide to use Summer Time, this means that when in Poland in Kraków on beginning of year we will have sunrise about 8:30, in Spain in Vigo it will be about 10:00....
Now for Kraków in Poland thanks to moving clocks it is about 7:30 and in Vigo about 9:00....

OK, so maybe Europe should move to Winter Time, so "standard time without DST".
It would mean that in Kraków in the middle of July sun would rise at 3:30....

DST/moving clocks lets now to keep the same time zone in many countries in EU, question is if it will be true after we will resign from it? ;-)

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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Coding without IDE

I'm observing strange phenomena.
More and more developers when asked to write code on whiteboard or on computer without IDE with code assist is almost unable to do so.

I'm not saying that this is bad thing. It is strange for me, but I'm not able to say if it is bad.
In normal circumstances they have access to IDE which will help, so in theory they are able to use memory and brain power to code on higher level instead of remembering APIs.

My own way to train algorithms is to write code on whiteboard, and latter rewriting it to online judge system (which usually doesn't have code assist) and checking how it works, and if code does not compile it means that I made mistake and need to work on this.
But I'm not exactly sure if it is good way ;-)

From other side, if dev is able to write code on whiteboard he or she is usually better....

My working theory is that better short term memory and higher IQ means that someone may be better at programming, and problems with writing code on whiteboard are showing that given person may have some problems in those areas.

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