Monday, August 7, 2017

Alexa... What to do with her?

Being in US I bought Alexa...
Exactly Amazon Dot.
Partly because I was always interested in this how she works, partly because my friend works in Amazon and she is working somewhere nearby Alexa ;-)
Problem is in this that daily I'm using Google Assistant in Google Home.
I'm very content user of Google Assistant. I'm using it to listen music, set timers, set alarms, get knowledge about weather, time in world and to control my hue lights.
I even created my own action which says me about air quality.

In theory Alexa is able to do most of those things too, but she is worse than Google Assistant on it...

So now I'm thinking about moving her to my bathroom ;-) when I'm taking shower I sometimes need to know time and asking seems to be most natural way.
I have only one Home, which covers my living room, so maybe Alexa will handle this? ;-)
But from other side it doesn't seem ok....

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