Saturday, December 31, 2016


It was strange year.
Bad in politics, quiet good in my private life.
I changed job, now I'm working again in US company, much much better paid, and can see much more sense in this on what I'm working.
I visited Silicon Valley, saw San Francisco, saw Androids lawn:

Started to use Google Home, but didn't change phone.

At start of year I created mind map with my "goals" for 2016 and first I put was "2-4 weeks in US send by company" ;-)

So in this area it was great year.

I politics it wasn't good year.
I'm far from saying that this year (and several months of previous, to be honest in Poland we got bad government at the end of 2015) is a start of Apocalypse. But in some moments I'm scared. Not about myself, I think that "my social economic class" will not suffer too much, but even in such case it is sad to see what happens. And why.
Why is more interesting. It seems that in most of Western countries (lets assume that Poland is Western country) we had by last 20 or more years societies split by half, one half wasn't too happy with this how world is working and was trying to fix it, second half was teryfied by this what happens with the world and seen most of changes supported by first half as bad. Even if in general they gained on those changes.
It seems that 2016 is year when less people from first group was happy with supporting "theirs" politics, and second group choose to support people who promised them "safety".
But those wasn't big changes, still we have half of Western world identifying themselves as some kind of liberals , and second identifying themselves as some kind of conservatives.
Sadly liberals never choose too liberals leaders, and conservatives choose at start very conservative leaders...

So this was strange year... Let's hope it will not be peak year...

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