Wednesday, April 8, 2009

OOo2GD 1.6.0 :-)

Finally I gather almost all translations and here it is! New version 1.6.0 of OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs.

  • autoconversion [but with prompt] of unsupported by Google Docs and Zoho formats to supported,
  • new translation to Simplified Chinese created by Steven (YoUZoU)

Also autoupdate should start to work. Earlier it didn't work because doesn't like Google Code servers... for now I moved OXT file to serves and autoupdate should start to work :-)


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Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm on Twitter ;-)

I just started using of Twitter. I'm still not sure if I understand how it works ;-)
But I found that some of my twits disappeared... It's about 10% of my twits...

If you are interested in my egocentric twits please follow me on Twitter ;-)

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Praise your PM! :-)

I'm currently working on version 1.6.0 of OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs. Whole coding has taken about 4 hours, but coordination of translations took about a week, and it's ready in about 87.5% ;-)
I think that we - developers, development leads, etc. should build statues for our PMs :-) Without them our work would be much difficult than it is :-)

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