Saturday, July 8, 2017

Yep, tablet may replace computer in most of cases...

I'm thinking about buying iPad Pro, and because of this I'm using more my Pixel C.
And I'm starting to thing that I understand why many people thinks that tablets like iPad Pro may replace computer as a productivity tool.

I think most important part is this that tablets lets you focus more.

By nature tablets are more single tasked at given moment.
Of course iPad Pro (especially with iOS 11), and Pixel C let you to split screen and use more than one app, but usually in such cases you use those apps working on one thing at the time.

And lets be honest ;-) working on one task at the moment is something what is the biggest productivity tool for most of people*.

* - except those called supertaskers.

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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Waiting for visa...

Yep, I'm waiting for US visa.

I have planned business trip to US, where I will met some people (mainly architects and UX people) who will show us (me and my colleagues) how we may do our project better for customers.
We have also some tourist ideas ;-)

Among those visit in New York City.
They have there Concord and Space Shuttle Enterprise, and The Book of Mormon.

Sadly my previous visa expired in February and now I'm waiting for new one.
I hope that I will got it :-)

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