Sunday, March 5, 2017

Python yet another hero of SF book Seveneves

In SF books* heroes sometimes write programs.
This is natural. They have computers, want computers to do something, so they need to program those computers.
But I think for the first time I see in book - Seveneves by Neal Stephenson talking about particular programming language :-)
Arthur C. Clarke wrote about Windows in Detonator, in Rama series heroes was also programming computers, but without saying in what kind of language. The same in Orson Scott Cards books.

But in Seveneves heroes are using Python to write scripts :-)

Without spoilering.. it seems that at least in Seveneves Python*** will be at least by short time main software development language for humanity ;-) 

* - and SF-like**
** - Ender's Game is cool but for sure it is not hard SF, especially in latter books.
*** - I love Java, but somehow cannot believe that in case of emergency anybody will use it to do some small, useful tools ;-)

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