Sunday, March 25, 2018

My Clipboard says that I'm a programmer ;-)

Several days ago I started to use CopyQ (so Clipboard Manager which lets you return to things earlier in clipboard - works on Linux, macOS/OSX and as I heard also on Windows).

And now I counted how many pieces of code I have in latest 100 positions...

And it seems that it was 40 :-)

So 40% of all things in my clipboard are fragments of code ;-)

Someone may say that this means that I must copy/paste a lot of code ;-)
But no, this was my code :-)

Some of those were tests for DCEVM which I first were putting in other test classes, and latter moved to new one (it was easier to copy them than use move), pieces of code of DCEVM, and some programming tasks I was moving to other project (to have list of solutions for people checking first stage of our interview process)).

So, I must say it - I'm a programmer ;-)

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