Sunday, February 26, 2017

Power of doodling ;-)

Always wanted to be smart and work smart not hard, so from many years I wanted to learn to utilize paper and pencil.

But it seems that me and paper and pencil are not so compatible as I would want.

Paper and pencil are not the best from usability point of view,  additionally notes/drawings are not easy to edit.

Now I think I found solution of those problems.

Mainly thanks to whiteboard.

I love flexibility of it, I can draw, write, use math symbols and I don't need to use any menus.
I love this that if I make mistake I may simple clear this part.
And when I want to keep results I may use phone with CamScanner.

Because of this I found out that I'm missing 2 things.

Small A4 whiteboard and stylus to tablet ;-)

Ordered both from Amazon, and we will see if those will help.

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