Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Throw out 1 thing each day

I love to keep stuff.
I kept long time old computers, even when they wasn't working. I keep boxes, notebooks, papers, tickets and so on.
In short I keep a lot of stuff. A lot of useless stuff.

But from some time I'm trying to change it.

I started with throwing out one thing each day.

This may be piece of paper, broken modem or anything similar.

I'm doing it by last several weeks and it seems to work.

It started when one of my colegues from work decided to give away some books, which he already read, and decided that he will probably never read them again.

I would never do something like this. And probably never will do. But I like concept.

It's very rational.

So I decided to try.

Now I'm close to end of low hanging fruits... Most of stuff which was easy to throw out was already throw out... Now I need to start with more difficult thighs.

My ideal is to keep only things I really, really need, and several things which give me some comfort.

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