Tuesday, March 2, 2010

ePubGenerator v0.0.3 - from OpenOffice.org to EPUB :-)

Short info ;-) Last week I started to work on new AddOn for OpenOffice.org. This AddOn called for now ePubGenerator will let you to publish your documents from OpenOffice.org as EPUB ebooks.
Currently ePubGenerator version 0.0.3 is available, and still it is very early beta.

What it can?
  • export your OpenOffice.org documents to EPUB format
  • You can set title, author, subject, description and so on
  • images in publication should be placed in EPUB file and should be displayed

Still ePubGenerator 0.0.3 doesn't let you to use chapters, your ebook will have only one chapter [I hope I will be able to fix it in next release], sometimes some texts may be lost [I found it with only one ebook], AddOn left mess on your disk [in your working directory you will find new directory with name like folder1267483747244 which is used to generate your ebook], result files are saved for now only in your working directory under names like folder1267483747244.epub.

After installation you will see new tooblar with one button ePubGenerator:

When you will click it [with open document which you want to export] you will see window:

after you put your informations about Title and so on you may click Generate EPUB and after a while you will see dialog saying where you may find your EPUB file [this message may be somewhere under another windows]:

I will be happy to see any suggestions :-)

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