Sunday, January 27, 2019

Bloggerid cannot post images....

Title is for catching Google searches ;-)
But it also describes current behavior of Bloggeroid.

From last week it stoped to publish images. Main, and only cause is fact that Google disabled Picasa API which was used by Bloggeroid.

As far as I can say from looking into Google Photos API it cannot be used as alternative, because it doesn't let embed images in pages.
Or at least I didn't find any info how to do it.

As I can see increase of number of problems with publishing went up 18 times.
But now stabilised at 3.5 times more than before disabling Picasa API.

I'm not sure if I should do anything. I may disable app in Google Play Store, or remove possibility to publish images, or find some other solution.
From users perspective last one would be the best, but because I'm not posting too much pictures to any of my blogs (mostly because I prefer to blog from computer ;-)) user number 1 isn't pushing too much...

So for now I will not do anything.

In general this shows two problems:
1) Bloggeroid is a mean to publish posts to Blogger, so it is fully depend on another product, any disruption in this product means problems for app,
2) in case of free apps, or apps which were sold for price in given moment authors don't have too many incentives to keep apps running.

Lessons from it (for me):
1) do not build products depending on other products,
2) if you are using mobile app use app from owner of service,
3) abo is better than one time price.

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  1. Hi, may I suggest an update to the Bloggeroid app so users see a specific error message instead of the current really general one?
    I will have to search for a new app or way of working as my main reason for using Bloggeroid actually was to push photos to a blog.
    Thank you for the app while it lasted.