Sunday, March 26, 2017

Borders, immigrants and so on

I have big problem with borders.

Maybe not exactly with borders but whole idea of "protecting" access to countries.

I can understand that country may don't want to get new people who were criminals, I'm OK with situation when country don't want to get new people with too low education, I'm even OK with stopping people which are too old, or too young.
I can understand that countries may don't want to increase spendings.

But I don't understand why people with university diploma, who are paying taxes, but was born outside country need to get special permissions.

In Poland we have now some people from Ukraine, and from this what I heard all of them need special permissions to work.
Those I know works in IT, and in IT we need a lot of people. More important than country of origin is this if given person have good technical level.

It strange. I always thought that the best will be to open borders to let all people in, or out if they like.
Yes, some local folks may have problems because people outside country will be better suited to work, but I'm not sure if it is OK to prefer some people to work only because they are from here...
Of course, if those are taxi drivers it may make sense ;-) or if they are teachers teaching Polish, but factory workers, programmers and so on... If they are better qualified to do work, why not to let them work?

OK, there may be problems with this that they are ready to work for less, and here I don't have idea how to resolve it, but those permissions and similar things are for all kinds of workers.
As far as I know people outside Poland in IT have similar/the same salaries like Poles.

If there are immigrants who like to live here, they should be able to do it.
One, important thing, they need to play with our rules. So they need to respect our law.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Tech debts collectors in action ;-)

In one of companies* I used to work I shared with management this letter:

When I was sharing it with management, I said that I found this on my desk and winked in the same time.

They didn't listen.
So some time latter I eliminated first dev - me.
Now from gossips I know that at least 2 additional devs were eliminated.... and technical debt still exists ;-)

* - company should be nameless, to be honest in other companies the same problems were visible, only difference was I didn't created such letter ;-)

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Why people are so afraid of terrorists?

I don't get this. Why people are so afraid of terrorists?

Chances to be near terrorist in Europe, USA or whole Western world is practically equals to zero.

Terrorists kills up to 300 people in Europe yearly. In whole world it may be up to 35 thousand.
It is a lot of deaths but in comparison to deaths by obesity or flu it almost doesn't exist.

You have 80 times bigger chances to die by eating too much than be killed by terrorists...
80 frickin times...

And still people are scared to deaths by terrorists, and still eat too much..

As a species we have some fundamental problem with analytical skills....

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Watch to watch... ;-)

I love to talk with other people... I love it so much, that usually I'm talking too much ;-)

And today, being in train I found out possible solution.... app for watch to watch me ;-)

Smartwatches have usually microphones inside... why not to listen with microphone and check in some intervals if somebody is talking, and if this person is me?

First it may produce reports like:
"You talked by 167 minutes, I heard another people talking only 15 minutes.... Do you love sound of your voice so much?"

Latter it may start to vibrate watch when it will find that ration of talking is too much skewed.

Good, this is 3rd idea for app I have in last 48 hours ;-)

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Mobile generation..

I'm not in mobile generation.
I was one of those who was in first wave of mobile, first cell phone started to use in 1999, first mobile device started to use in 2004 or 2005 (this was PocketPC), first smartphone I used was G1 in 2009...
But to be honest I never become native to mobile.
I always preferred PC, not even tablet but PC.
With full keyboard, big screen, decent CPU and a lot of memory.
For video I prefer computer monitor, or even TV over tablet or phone screen.
Mainly because of size and "immersion".
For games I prefer console with TV.
For web browsing PC is better for me.
For writing also PC.
Only for reading books tablet or even phone beats for me PC... But still I prefer to use Kindle ;-)
I know that millennials are different than me, mobile is mutch more comfortable for them, and they can be much more productive on mobile than me.
So good for them :-)
Only sad thing is that because of it, it is really difficult to find good new PC for me..
I was hopping for MacBook pro 2016 but Apple decided to make it more mobile than power.

But good thing is that in mobile it seems that web is again more popular than native :-)

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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Python yet another hero of SF book Seveneves

In SF books* heroes sometimes write programs.
This is natural. They have computers, want computers to do something, so they need to program those computers.
But I think for the first time I see in book - Seveneves by Neal Stephenson talking about particular programming language :-)
Arthur C. Clarke wrote about Windows in Detonator, in Rama series heroes was also programming computers, but without saying in what kind of language. The same in Orson Scott Cards books.

But in Seveneves heroes are using Python to write scripts :-)

Without spoilering.. it seems that at least in Seveneves Python*** will be at least by short time main software development language for humanity ;-) 

* - and SF-like**
** - Ender's Game is cool but for sure it is not hard SF, especially in latter books.
*** - I love Java, but somehow cannot believe that in case of emergency anybody will use it to do some small, useful tools ;-)

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