Sunday, June 5, 2011

OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs 3.0.0 - uploading without conversion to Google Docs :-)

OK, I just created new version 3.0.0 of OOo2GD.

This version allows you to upload documents to Google Docs without conversion...

But because extensions repository doesn't work you can download it only from my project page ;-)

New things are:
- mentioned above possibility to upload documents to Google Docs without conversion,
- working with ODG graphics, but only without conversion.

If your document will be possible to convert you will see upload document in this form:

New thing is this "Convert to Google Docs format" checkbox. If it is checked (by default it will be checked, and you can change it in configuration) OOo2GD will upload document to Google Docs with conversion to Google Docs format.
If it will be unchecked you will be able to upload document without any conversion, you will upload binary file, and will be able to download it without any conversions. This means that formatting, formulas and similar things will untouched by Google Docs.... Sounds great? ;-) But it has one big disadvantage, you cannot work with such files in Google Docs. Google Docs works for those documents as storage.

If you will try to upload something in "unconverable" format, for example ODG graphic, you will see Upload window looking like this:

Updating works as always, both with files (so those documents uploaded without conversion) and documents.

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