Sunday, September 24, 2017

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud

I'm guessing that Google should find catchy name for its cloud solution.
Something like Android for mobile or Chrome for browser.

Here Google Trends comparing search for AWS/Azure/Google Cloud:

As we can see people are searching mainly for AWS and Azure, but not too much for Google Cloud.

It's even better visible when you will look on YouTube searches:

And as all developers knows when you are looking for first info, you first look over web, next you move to YouTube for some short and sweet descriptions.

My guess is that developers are looking for available options for cloud, and it is much easier to look for something specific like aws or azure, not for "google cloud".
Term "google cloud" may means everything, from "cloud" of search terms, by Google infrastructure, Google services like Google Drive, and Google products like compute engine and so on.

Maybe it would be good idea to use one catchy phrase to name all Google cloud products? Appspot wasn't soo bad ;-)

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Buying christmas lights in September isn’t easy ;-)

Who knows that it is really difficult to buy simple christmas lights in September ;-)

Yep, this is possible, but not so easy like in December ;-)

And I have simple dream, I would like to have christmas lights hanging on one of my bookshelfs (exactly 2 Kalaxes which are dividing my kittchen anex from rest of my studio).
And I would like to light those one by simple „OK, Google make lights” or similar.

This second part is already done. Thanks to some magic from TP-Link and one of theirs products.

Now I only needs lights...

I was hopping to buy those in normal brick and mortar shop, but it seems that those are seasonal...
So I will need to buy those in the net... and wait...

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