Sunday, July 1, 2018

Blindfold programming

Some time ago I read this article, and started to play with idea of Blindfold programming.

What this whole Blindfold Programming is about?

It is about trying to write code in your head, without any screen, keyboard, paper or whiteboard. Only in head.


To exercise :-)
Not used ability usually stops to work...

And in my case I noticed several years ago what becoming more senior in software engineering in my case means writing less code... but still coding is very important part of this job, so it is important to practice :-)

Additionally it seems that it helps with chunking. and naturally leads to dividing problem to smaller subproblems.

This part is important, because human brain doesn't have too much space in short memory. One is able to keep in the same time ~4 things in memory and focus.

So from some time I'm going to LeetCode easy problems and I'm trying to write whole solution in my head. Sometimes I'm touching also medium problems in the same way.

Next, sometimes I'm writing code on whiteboard or with pencile on my iPad Pro, but usually I simply put whole code from my head to LeetCode editor and I'm checking if my solution works ;-)

And after several months of doing it I think I can see some improvements ;-)

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