Wednesday, December 15, 2010

OOo2GD - surveys results

Let's start from old one ;-)

By last 2 years 1238 people used survey to say for what they are using OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs, and share with some ideas.
92% of all users uses OOo2GD mostly to work with Google Docs, next 4% for Zoho, and another 4% for WebDAV.

Here short list of those things which users wants and my comments :-)

Possibility to work with non converted documents - I like idea, but Google Docs API allows only to work with such documents when you are Google Apps user, so it will not be a feature for all users, and I'm not able to test it.

Support folders - I'm near of it, I think I will use "gmail approach", so instead showing standard folders [which may complicate UI] I think about using folders as labels in GMAIL, and about adding at the bottom or top of files list buttons with folders names to filter only given folder.

Mac OS support - yeah, I know it is broken now, and I have not idea how to fix it. If you know Java and have a Mac, I want to ask you for your help :-) If you have Mac, and you aren't Java programmer, but you are super calm, I want to ask you for make some tests (for example, you may test older versions of OOo2GD to check if any of them looks good, you may also test other Java/Swing extensions on Mac to check if this problem is OOo2GD specific)

Official Google support - lets say it in this way, my favorite comment is: "Would like official support from Google.
I think this is the missing link in bridging the Cloud OS Google Docs to Local computing.
Google should buy this from Mr. Przemyslaw and ask him to integrate it with Google Chrome OS."
;-) So I would like to make it more official, but here is move on Google side, not mine :-( But I doubt, I suppose that OOo2GD is too small to be even visible in Google logs :-)

Next survey, this time it was survey if you as users will consider donating OOo2GD with 5 USD to collect list fee for adding OOo2GD to Google Marketplace.
We have 50% votes for Nope, and 50% for Yes.
So I would rather not work on it :-)
As I wrote earlier, if nobody will want to participate, but a lot of people will want adding of OOo2GD to Google Marketplace I will pay those 100 USD it will not kill me ;-) but I don't want to spend money when nobody needs it :-)

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