Monday, January 2, 2017

Really first snow ;-)

Each year near begin of winter media and people wonder when will be first snow this year....
It strange because first snow in year was usually probably 10 or more months ago ;-)
So for 2017 my answer for this question will be 2nd January ;-)

OK, I know that I'm trolling.

To be honest it's first time from long time when my approach to snow is "whatever...".
This mainly because of this that now I don't have a car, so snow is not my problem ;-)
Earlier I had mixed feelings. From one side snow can look beautiful, from another driving is difficult with fresh snow.

I like to think that "throwing out" car was part of my throwing one thing daily mission... But for real it was caused by this that after colission on highway my car was not fully repaired, and I wasn't able to trust it...
And because of this that now I'm living near city center (this is Europe, old city having more than 750 years, so city center and near of it are cool and fancy ;-)) I really don't need a car.
And because of this snow is not so scary for me now ;-)

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