Thursday, May 12, 2011

OOo2GD 2.4.0 - folders and HTTPS ;-)

Today I got next e-mail from Zoho saying that they stopped supporting of HTTP connections, but users of my app are still using HTTP, so Zoho will extend time for moving to HTTPS for me, but I should change my code.
I like it :-)

So I'm doing it ;-)

As a result of this we have today new version 2.4.0 of OOo2GD ;-)

- near name of document/spreadsheet/presentation in Google Docs you can see folder/collection name for this item,
- under items list in Google Docs you may see row of "buttons" named as folders/collections in your Google Docs, clicking on it will filter list of items only to those with this "label".

- from now all communication with Zoho will be done over HTTPS (Google Docs communication should work on HTTPS from some time)

As for now OOo2GD doesn't support uploading of files without conversion, I cannot possibility to test it yet. But when Google will add this feature to any of my accounts I will start on adding this to OOo2GD.

As always, you can download new version of OOo2GD from OOo2GD page in extensions repository, or from project page :-)

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