Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bloggeroid 1.0 :-)

I just published my first app to Android Market :-)
It's called Bloggeroid and it's simple Blogger client for Android.

To download it go to Android Market and search for Bloggeroid, or simply use this QR code:

Bloggeroid is simple. First screen which you will see is screen for writing post. You will choose where to publish when your post will be written :-)

Here list of things which you may do with Bloggeroid:
  • to write a blog post,
  • to add picture or pictures to post,
  • to decide where in post content those images should be placed,
  • to use simple "wikisyntax" (**bold** and __italic__),
  • to publish your posts on any of your Blogger blogs,
  • to use multiple Blogger accounts,
  • to publish your posts as draft,
  • to edit existing posts,
  • to share images from gallery and send those images to your blog.

This all in stable and simple way :-)
App takes after installation about 120KB, so it will make happy users of all older phones like G1.

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1 comment:

  1. Interesting app.I think this could be very useful for blogging.I'm looking to learn to program on android. Well good luck on designing your applications hopefully people download your apps.

    - The Media and Computer Blog's Brad.