Saturday, November 21, 2015

It's alive... still ;-)

I think that it was about 4 years when I last wrote something here ;-)
So why I'm writing anything if I even don't know if anybody still read it?
To feel better ;-)

So changed by those 4 years?
I'm older, but this isn't so important ;-)
I changed work, from working for US company I started to work for UK company.
Earlier my code was helping people to move, by sending them on vacations, now my code or my work helps people in UK making dinners ;-) or to be more precise to order groceries online. My part is on side of warehouse and software which controls tons of hardware which makes it everything possible.
So I'm playing with moving directed graphs to database ;-)
And work with biggest code I ever met, I'm guessing it should be counted in millions of code lines.
To be honest I would love to work again for some US company. Especially somewhere in California ;-)

I own a flat ;-) and will pay for it for next 29 years ;-)

Bloggeroid is currently in version 2.9.8. I think I resolved for most of users the most painful problem it have with sending images to Picasa.
Some users still have it, but I think it is mainly because of some synchronization.
From my stats it seems that problem is rarer than it used to be.

I'm thinking about adding adds to Bloggeroid, as an option. So for screens like Publish and Progress I may start display adds, with button to turn those off, with possibility to turn them off for some fee, or for free.
This is only idea, I don't know if I will do it, but I like to think about it ;-)

We have elections here in Poland.... and this what is result of those is even worse then I expected. So I'm looking over for some job outside Poland ;-) Spain sounds interesting, and even US. Sweden seems still too cold.

Next 2 weeks I will in UK, and on on-call support for my biggest deployment ever, so I'm nervous and stressed out.
This works as some kind of anti-stress formula ;-)

I hope that being in UK I will have time for playing with Go (Java and JavaScript are still my most used languages ;-)), and maybe Firebase.

OK, I think I'm done for today ;-)

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  1. Love blogeroid. Puzzled as to where it stores photos though.

    1. Photos are stored in Google Picasa (