Saturday, August 12, 2017

Android vs iOS

Several days ago I bought iPad Pro 12.9
It's really cool device.

But it isn't ideal.
Biggest problem is iOS.

Now I'm on my old Pixel C, and if I will navigate from Pocket to Chrome and to Maps I simply need to use back navigation button in Android.
I just have similar journey on iOS and going back to Pocket wasn't so easy. I needed to lift whole iPad (which was resting on my belly), find Home button and click it twice times to go to screen showing last apps and to chose Pocket from there.
It's not nice.
It's shows that roots of iOS are in times when only one app was running.

Of course iOS isn't bad in all aspects.
For example they have much better done working with multiple apps on one screen.

But again launcher in iOS is less friendly.
To move app from one screen to another I need to use this "docker" line.

But again iOS wins when we talk about software.
It's maybe less consistent, but generally is nicer and more useful. And more popular. For sure in Android world I will be able to find something similar to Pythonista app, but Pythonista is very well known and installing it I now that a lot of people checked it.

Google+ is much nicer on Android than on iOS. Especially if we compare tablet versions.
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