Saturday, November 4, 2017

Keyboard + tablet = not great idea ;-)

Now I'm sure of something what I found out years ago, but wasn't sure.

Years ago I had one of first quiet good tablets with Android.
It was EEE Pad Transformer from Asus.

I used it a lot, but when I was buying it I didn't bought keyboard.
Latter I bought it, and in the blink I stopped to use it...
It was too complicated to remove keyboard, so I wasn't removing keyboard and wasn't using tablet.

So when I was buying iPad Pro with keyboard I was little bit afraid.
But it was working.

So I decided that it may be good idea to buy keyboard for my Pixel C.

So being in US I bought some used keyboard for Pixel C.

And again, it caused that I started to treat Pixel C differently....
Maybe not using it less, but less enthusiastically ;-)

So I put Pixel C again to its cover, it works better.
I still may use keyboard sometimes, but ratter not ;-)

So why with iPad Pro keyboard wasn't so problematic?
I think 2 things, first this keyboard is really easy to work with, its part of cover, so I may use it as cover or as keyboard.
Second thing is that from this what I can say I'm using iPad Pro more like some kind of computer, so much more often in landscape than portrait mode. So keyboard makes perfect sense for it :-)

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