Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I'm close to decide to abandon Linux.....

I'm using Linux on my private computer by last 4 years.
It was good time.

But to be honest I'm starting to think that my next computer will not be with Linux.


Linux is great.
I'm using daily Ubuntu, now in 16.04 version.

I love command line and keyboard shortcuts.

So why I'm thinking about change?

Because of software. Lack of it and not the best quality of it.

I would like to use SourceTree to work with HG and GIT. I know I may use command line, but I would prefer to use SourceTree.
On Windows and macOS it is possible, on Linux not.

I would like to have video drivers working nice with software, and not to have broken vsync in YouTube videos.

When I'm using InteliJ I would like to see nice fonts.

I love Unity on Ubuntu. But Canonical stopped to love it ;-) and 18.04 will not have Unity.
Yeah, probably somebody will make unofficial packages with this. But those will be unofficial.

So, I think that I will need to abandon Linux as desktop OS...

I'm still not sure if I will do it, but I'm starting to think about it.

Earlier I was thinking about buying ultrabook or something similar and using it alongside my "desktop" laptop running Ubuntu, but now I'm thinking about replacing my desktop Linux with something else.

In theory I need to choose from Windows or macOS.

But to be honest, I don't like Microsoft software.
I know that Windows run on a lot of machines, I love some software on Windows like Total Commander and IrfanView, but I don't trust MS.
Mainly because of Windows 8.

So I will probably go with macOS....

Don't like this idea, but at least they still have quiet good command line, nice fonts, a lot of Software, and usually don't abandon solutions...

But even thinking about moving to macOS on my private desktop, I will hope that maybe Google will decide to go to desktop OSes ;-) [No, they will not, but I may hope ;-)]

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