Sunday, March 12, 2017

Mobile generation..

I'm not in mobile generation.
I was one of those who was in first wave of mobile, first cell phone started to use in 1999, first mobile device started to use in 2004 or 2005 (this was PocketPC), first smartphone I used was G1 in 2009...
But to be honest I never become native to mobile.
I always preferred PC, not even tablet but PC.
With full keyboard, big screen, decent CPU and a lot of memory.
For video I prefer computer monitor, or even TV over tablet or phone screen.
Mainly because of size and "immersion".
For games I prefer console with TV.
For web browsing PC is better for me.
For writing also PC.
Only for reading books tablet or even phone beats for me PC... But still I prefer to use Kindle ;-)
I know that millennials are different than me, mobile is mutch more comfortable for them, and they can be much more productive on mobile than me.
So good for them :-)
Only sad thing is that because of it, it is really difficult to find good new PC for me..
I was hopping for MacBook pro 2016 but Apple decided to make it more mobile than power.

But good thing is that in mobile it seems that web is again more popular than native :-)

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