Monday, January 16, 2017

Amazon Prime Video suxx

At least for me ;-)

1) I can watch it only in web browser or on Android device... it doesn't work with Chromecast, XBOX One, my TV or Blu-Ray. It really suxx when you are sitting in the front of 49" screen and are watching movie on 10.1"... What is really funny, Amazon says on web page that it works with XBOX One and my TV....,
2) Season 2 of Man in the High Castle is unavailable on PrimeVideo page, but you are able to watch it when you will find it on,
3) It irritates you with content you cannot see... Yesterday I found Mr. Robot on Amazon and it was described as available because of being prime video customer, I clicked and it showed me that "Sorry, you cannot see this content in your location".... Netflix and Google Play at least don't show you titles you are not able to watch,
4) Name... anybody knows what is name of this service? Prime Video? Amazon Video? Amazon Instant?

But still... it stays with me next to Netflix, Spotify and Google Music subscriptions ;-)

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