Sunday, January 15, 2017

My road to automation ;-)

I'm looking on my GitHub repositories and I think that it is possible to see some common denominators in my projects ;-)

And it is even not this that I'm writing ugly* code ;-)

Let's see:
Note2WebPage - something what is intended to remind me when I'm visiting given page/domain about something (for example that I should use on Amazon GBP instead of PLN as currency),
clickbaitDetector - here I want to have something what will protect me from going after articles with click bait titles,
PocketTags - automatically adds tags to items in my Pocket base on some rules,
TimeToRead - adds to Pocket items tags with time range needed to read item,
Chrome2ChromeV2 - lets me to send page from one Chrome instance to another (usually on another computer ;-)),
LocaleSSID - was/is plugin for Locale which was intended to start some actions on my phone when I was near given SSID,
OOo2GD - was intended to make my life easier by making uploading/downloading documents from Google Docs to as seamless as possible.

It seems that all of those are about moving "my job" to computer.
About making computer doing things which may be burden to me.

I may don't remember things, don't need to classify things by hand and by head, don't need to look into articles to see how long those are (in tram it is useful, I know that my ride will take about 15 minutes and starting reading something for 30+ minutes will not make sense).

Ideally I would like to automate everything what is boring or difficult**.

I'm using this drive to automation even at work, thanks to this I will make about 5-10% of tests which are running now on server able to be run in developer env without server :-)

* - I know that my code isn't too nice, and for sure it isn't clean. But it resolves problems, and almost always is really easy to modify when needed.
** - what in wider overlook isn't perfect, boredom is source of creativity, and doing difficult things makes your aging better.

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