Monday, November 6, 2017

Worflow - my biggest disapotiment of iOS

Long befor having anything with iOS I heard about Worflow.
Wonderful app which was able to automate a lot of stuff on iOS.

I was looking for something similar to this what I imagnied on Android, and each of those tools was disapointing...

So finally when I got iPad Pro, I installed Workflow.

It was nice, shiny.... and completly useless...*

It seems that Workflow is build for people who need to automate some trivial stuff, and are complety OK with whole hassle with clicking, opening windows and so on.

This is really powerfull tool.
It is very usefull tool.
But not for me, and users like me.

Problem is not in Workflow but in my needs. I needed something what would help me automate some things where the best solution would be to write app, or in very untypical cases (like copying files from iCloud to Google Drive).
In some of those cases I already have apps created to do a job.
So automation given to me by this powerfull tool is in my cases not needed.

And because of this tool which looked for me so promising, is one of rarest started apps on my iPad...
To be honest I’m running it from time to time to check if maybe somehow I will be able to use it... but as for now answer was always „no” ;-)

* - very important addition here - it was useless for me.

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