Sunday, August 27, 2017

2+ years without a car

Little more than 2 years ago I have collision on highway, and my car transformed from nice but old to simple old ;-)
I tried to repair it, but after spending 1/3 of its price at the time on repairs I got something doesn’t worth of trust.
As a result of this I stopped to drive, and latter throw out a car.

And now I’m more than 2 years without a car.

And to be honest I don’t fell a pain.

Living in city center has its advantages. Everything is soo close that you may go by foot, or in worst case by mass transport, or bike.
In less than 15 minutes on foot I’m able to reach almost all needed places.
Thanks to on-line shoping I don’t need to visit grocery store for big shoping. I simply order on-line, and for smaller things I have shope in the same building I live ;-)

But sometimes I’m thinking about buying a car...
Mainly because I’m used to have a car.
But to be honest I don’t need one.

At least for now.

And looking on prices, I’m not sure if I want to spend half of my yearly wages on something what I will use maybe twice a month.

After a while of thinking - for me biggest advantage of car would be this what it would occupy my parking spot and I would not need to check ocasionally if somebody isn’t using it without my permission ;-)

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