Thursday, January 6, 2011

Chrome2Chrome - lets move browser tabs between computers ;-)

Some time ago I created new plugin for Google Chrome.
It is called Chrome2Chrome and works similar to Chrome2Phone. But instead of sending pages to your Android phone it is able to send page to another computer with Chrome :-)

Here video showing how it works :-)

Now some details ;-)

If you are using 2 or more computers, sometimes you are reading something on one computer and want to change computer and you may like open on second computer those tabs which you have on first machine.

Normally you may copy addresses of pages and send it to yourselves by e-mail, you may try to type addresses again by hand, you may add page to bookmarks, etc.

With Chrome2Chrome you simply need to click on Chrome2Chrome icon, choose computer where you want to send this tab and this is everything what you need to do :-)
Chrome2Chrome will "move" your tab to selected Chrome installation.

It's not a magic ;-) it's crafty usage of Google Docs ;-).
When you sends your page to another computer Chrome2Chrome creates special file in Google Docs in folder Chrome2Chrome, and second computer reads this file and opens new tab with address from this file :-)

Chrome2Chrome generate rather big traffic, it may be about 10 MB per day (count as 24 hours) per one browser. So if you want to use it on Cr48 you should know that it may simply eat your whole 3G transfer.
Chrome2Chrome creates some files in your Google Docs, all those files are placed in folder Chrome2Chrome, but are also visible in "All items" in Google Docs.
Chrome2Chrome stores your Google Account credentials in your Chrome, so NEVER use it on machine where somebody may have access to it.

It's beta, so it may have some problems :-) After installation you need to go to Chrome2Chrome icon and provide your Google Account credentials, and name of computer. This name will identify browser.
After setting Google Account credentials and computer name you should wait about 15 seconds and go again to Chrome2Chrome icon and to check if you can see this newly "crated" computer in "Send To", if not, please repeat setting name and credentials.
I never had problems here, but I heard about people who had problems...

You may download Chrome2Chrome from Chrome Web Store:-)

Hope you like it :-)

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