Thursday, March 19, 2009

OOo2GD 1.5.1 Birthday Edition ;-)

In my birthday I want to give you all a present :-) New version of OOo2GD :-)

In version 1.5.1 you may find one new features, possibility to decide where downloaded files should be stored on your hard drive. You may choose global location, or you may choose option when OOo2GD will ask you for each file :-)


Currently I'm working on some tool for synchronizing folders with Google Docs and Zoho. I think this tool will work also under Mac OS ;-)
I'm not sure if this new tool will be distributed under LGPL, but it will be free [at least in basic version :-)].
I have crisis of believe in LGPL because last week some "ugly" people started "business" with selling my plug-in to widely known and used in Poland instant messanger Gadu-Gadu. My plug-in called Gadacz [it's simple tool which connect IM with speech synthesizer] was sell without my permission, additionally those people was selling it via SMS, and theirs customers was sure that they will pay only 1.22 PLN [0.36 USD] but truly SMS cost 23.18 PLN [6.85 USD].
Very unpleasant situation.
I distributed Gadacz for free on my own license, but some people suggested that it is on LGPL and suggested that with LGPL someone may took my work, and start to sell it without any changes and my permission.

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  1. I use open office and have the addon for google doc installed. Whenever I get warned that there is an update for the google doc addon within one of the open office application I try to install it. Unfortunately, google doc addon NEVER installs without an error. The only way I can get it installed is to manually go to the website to download it and force an install. All the other open office addons install without the requiring me to take this manual step. Is there a way you can get your updates to google doc addon to install in open office the way the rest of the open office addons install?

    Roger (

  2. I'm not sure where is a problem, file which tries to download exists but downloading fails. I thought that problem was caused by dashes in file name, so I changed from 1.5.2 file name but it didn't help, maybe underscore or dots are problematic too?