Sunday, November 26, 2017

Coursers courses debugging ;-)

I really like Coursera, and set of courses about deep learning (from, but I must make note to myself:
"DO NOT attend new (fresh) courses before those will not stabilize"

Today I finished 4th (as for now last, 5th will be available "soon") course in path.
It was quiet interesting, about convolutional neural networks.
But almost in each of assignments some bugs were present.

In last set of assignments those were biggest (things like this that first task is described as second, and second as first, or this that to do second task (described as first) you need to break your code, and in first task (described as second) despite this that during creation of functions you are using TensorFlow, latter example code is trying to pass there numpy objects....

I need simply wait some time, till those courses will not be debugged :-)

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