Wednesday, November 18, 2009

OOo2GD in Ubuntu 9.10 - it's working.

OK, from premiere of Ubuntu 9.10 I got by e-mail and other ways info that some of OOo2GD users aren't able to use OOo2GD on Ubuntu 9.10.
I tested it, and here is a result [OOo2GD with 3.1 on Ubuntu 9.10 rc 4 in VMPlayer in Windows 7]:

All what I needed to do to get it was to use command:

apt-get install

Which command downloaded and installed 3.1 with Java.

Next, I went to page where I downloaded OOo2GD in version 1.9.0, next I installed it with Extension Manger from

So guys, if OOo2GD doesn't work in your Ubuntu 9.10........ I'm sorry, but you must have something wrong with your configuration.

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Why it isn't working???


  1. i think it's not related to OOo2GD; in openoffice 3.1 that comes installed in (my) ubuntu 9.10, i can't install any extensions;


  2. It's working fine for me on Ubuntu 9.10 with both Sun and IBM Java 1.6.0

  3. This worked for me on 9.10 - it was the only thing I needed to do; probably somemething to do with not being installed.

  4. i install sun-java 1.6 in jaunty, can help to setup it?

  5. @Frans Thamura - what kind of problem? Can you see AddOn toolbar? Can you see dialogs? Did you installed by "apt-get install"?

  6. I reinstalled openoffice as you suggested, but now I can't find the toolbar, where can I add it? Thanks.

  7. @ronnyfm - I'm guessing that you need to install OOo2GD again

  8. Well it does absolutely nothing for me, no sign of any toolbar. Using Xubuntu 9.10 with Sun Java 1.6 and Oo 3.2.
    Running apt-get install just tells me the latest version is installed, running Oo from terminal produces no error messages, is installed, disabling, re-enabling and restarting does not help. New d/l and installing again produces nothing.
    I am out of ideas.

  9. Me too, did you checked if uses proper Java?
    I will try to download today Xubuntu for VMWare Player and look on it.

  10. Ok I solved the problem.

    The toolbar is called Add-On 2 and other idiots have already used Add-On 1 and 2 so they conflict.
    I can get this one to show up if I disable the other ones.

  11. I'm not sure but from this what I remember with Java AddOns you aren't able to change name of AddOn toolbar.

  12. Disabling the other Add_on 2 toolbar enabled yours to show, re-enabling the other one called Add-On 2 both toolbars remained visible. I assume that yours could not be added when there was another with the same name, though why they both work now is somewhat of a mystery.