Monday, February 20, 2017

Coursera courses - worth of doing?

Just finished Coursera course in Machine Learning.

It was interesting, I learn some interesting stuff.
Have something productive to do by last 6 weeks.

Just wonder, if it makes any difference ;-)

My guess is that this doesn't change this how attractive I'm on job market... I'm Senior Software Engineer so "they" are looking for me with or without certificate from Coursera.

But now I know at least some tools which may be used to play or even use machine learning.
I used it already in my ClickBaitaDetector. But still feel that this may be done much better.
I try to use it also to longer tests, but for now don't have idea how to work with text not looking at once on all words in this text, but on text as set of sentences.

"This is a test" and "This is a test?" looks the same if we are looking only at words.
And this is only tip of iceberg...

So, taking this course caused that I started to wonder how to do some things. So it seems that this was worth of my effort ;-)

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