Tuesday, November 23, 2010

People doesn't read...

It's sad but this conclusion appears after reading comments under post about Connect Cloud for MS Office.

A lot of people asks Google "when version for OpenOffice.org?".

Because OOo2GD can the same [as I may say from description] what Cloud Connect I put links to places where users may read about OOo2GD or download it.

And what?

Nothing ;-) People still asks "when version for OpenOffice.org?".

I would understand if they would write "OK, OOo2GD sux/I don't like it, I prefer version from Google, when it will be available?", but no. They simply doesn't read comments above and asks the same question continuously ;-)

It will be sad [for me] when Google will create theirs plugin for OO.org :-( It will be moment when development of OOo2GD will not have sense.
In ideal world ;-) they would take OOo2GD and fix it to theirs purposes ;-)
Nice dream ;-) but who in Google knows about OOo2GD?
Probably nobody ;-)

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