Sunday, April 4, 2010

OOo2GD 2.2.0 - autoupdate extended ;-)

Available is new version of OOo2GD, this time with version number 2.2.0
New thing which you may find in this version is adding of autoupdate to upload/update window in Google Docs.

It works in this way that when you will check this autoupdate checkbox during export of your document to Google Docs each Saving of document to disk [so each time when size or modification date of file will change] will cause in that OOo2GD will update your document in Google Docs with new version.

As always you may download newest version from OOo2GD page in extensions repository of or from project page.

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  1. Hi, I've just installed the Gdocs Open Office extension and it works really well for my standard Gdoc account.

    Unfortunately I also have a business running through 'Google Apps,' which is a custom URL and I use Google based Gdocs in there.
    There doesn't seem to be an option in your incredibly useful extension to point the Open Office at a 'Google Apps' account?

  2. It should work with Google Apps accounts, you simply need to use your domain address. Example if you would have user user in domain you should use user and your password in domain.
    I'm using Google Apps in standard edition and I'm able to work with my accounts with OOo2GD

  3. Hi. I'm having trouble uploading to Google Docs. I get this error when I try to upload an open document:

    Try to create DocsService
    DocsService created
    Try to login
    Try to get list of docs...
    Create new doc2Entry
    List has 7 elements. No such file or directory
    at Method)
    at org.openoffice.gdocs.util.GoogleDocsWrapper.getFileForPath(
    at org.openoffice.gdocs.util.GoogleDocsWrapper.upload(
    at org.openoffice.gdocs.ui.dialogs.UploadDialog$

  4. ok, I found my problem. Your plugin does not create documents in Google Docs. It can only export changes to existing documents.

    That's fine, but I was a bit confused at first.

    1. I have the same issue. If i create a new document and save it then i canupload it just fine. If however i open a previously created document and want to upload it it says "Problem: no such file or directory". downloading works.

      How can i see the exact log on a ubuntu machine?

  5. @BruceH - it should create new document, and creates it. Just tested it moment ago.
    Upload works, update works, download works [except text documents created in new version of Google Docs editor, Google changed urls for downloading files and this is still undocumented ;-)]