Saturday, December 15, 2007

Why it isn't working???

I got some reports from users of my OOo2GD extension. It looks that under Linux, and from this what I may see mainly under Ubuntu, Google Docs menu doesn't appear after installation of OOo2GD.
In most of those systems helps resolution #1 from Known Issues published on project wiki. Also version 0.5 looks to work without problems.

From this what I know only two files may be connected with this problem, first is Addons.xcu [file with description of extension, this is a place where looks to check what should put into menu, where to search code and which applications from pack should see this extension], second is one of classes called GDocs [it's first class loaded by, and in this class is coded dispatcher called by OpenOffice where it tries to show menu of extension, and when user use menu items of extension].

Problem is that those two files are almost identical between version 0.5 and 0.6.
In 0.6 I added to Addons.xcu line for narrowing set of applications in pack where AddOn should be visible. In GDocs I simply made small refactoring by moving direct using of literals to using of constants.........

I made small experiment and copied Addons.xcu from version 0.5 to 0.6, but problem still occurs on my Ubuntu........ It looks that I must search harder :-)

[why I wrote this? In my first company [Aksel or AKSEL-NET] we used to wrote monthly reports, it was boring and rather ineffective but sometimes it helps me to find solution of some problems, so I wrote it here to organize my thoughts :-)]

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