Monday, November 29, 2010

OOo2GD help site

I started to create page with some kind of help for OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs users.
Currently it describes all OOo2GD windows and gives short description of autoupdate aka synchronization feature.

I'm open for any suggestion according to this site, and OOo2GD :-)

So go and see help for OOo2GD :-)

I also started to collect users feedback in one area.
I was asked by some users to add OOo2GD to Google Apps Marketplace. I would like to do it, but Google wants 100 USD for it. It isn't much but it is still 100 USD which I may spent on something else ;-)
So I created form where OOo2GD users may "vote" for this if I should start to collect donations for adding OOo2GD to Google Apps Marketplace.

You may vote here:

Voting for Yes you don't declare that you will donate anything, so don't afraid :-)
If you think that this whole voting, or considering donation isn't good idea, or you want say anything about adding OOo2GD to Google Apps Marketplace, please put your comments in this form.

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