Sunday, January 29, 2017

Coding time means often waiting/reading time ;-)

Several times a week I should spend one hour of my own time (private time) on coding my own things.
Google Calendar ensures that I will not forget about it ;-)

And strange thing, sometimes I'm doing rather big changes in code and don't write a line...
For example moving my own Android apps to new Jack compiler which will let me to use Java 8 features means that except small changes in file latter I only ask IntelliJ to analyze project and latter do a lot of initial refactoring using mouse... for example changing anonymous classes to lambdas, and next lambdas to method references.

Other time I may spend most of this "coding" time reading docs which will let me do this what was intended...

This is cause why I like JavaScript so much.
When I'm creating something in JavaScript I usually don't use any tools, so in case of working on JavaScript projects almost whole hour goes to coding ;-)
And debugging ;-)

In general I found out that first tools help and make us more productive, but latter we spend more time waiting for tools, or working with tools than on working with code ;-)
Still I'm not sure if it is OK, or not.

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