Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Early access version of OOo2GD 1.7.0 with partial MacOS support

I decided to publish very early version of OOo2GD 1.7.0.
Differences to previous versions are:
  • compiled for Java 1.5, thanks to this it may work on MacOS [read more below]
  • changed method of displaying message windows [users of Windows, and probably also Linux and Solaris shouldn't notice any difference]
  • changed localization of gdocs.update.xml file [was http://przemelek.googlepages.com/gdcos.update.xml, will be http://www.przemelek.pl/gdocs.update.xml]
  • Small changes in Bulgarian translation

MacOS support:
This is tricky one ;-)
Tests shows that on some systems uploading works [but as I suppose without automatic conversion after prompt that conversion is needed]. Downloading works, but it may have some problems with opening downloaded file in OO.org.
You may ask why I decided to publish this version if it doesn't work.
Answer is easy: I didn't have Mac [and looking on behavior of Apple Java I'm happy with this ;-)] so I'm not able to test it myself. I hope Mac owners will try how it works and will share with comments how it worked [or not ;-)]

New Download [this version works on Java 5 :-)] [and pleas give me feedback how it works :-)]

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