Thursday, February 18, 2010

OOo2GD 2.1.1 is ready :-)

I wasn't sure what to do this evening, learning to SCWCD exam wasn't at the top of list of my desired thing to do ;-) the same learning algorithms and preparing for my Big Secret Plan ;-) So I decided to look at OOo2GD code ;-)

As a result of this looking we have new version of OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs, this time with number 2.1.1.
Most visible change is in Import Window, to now in window for Google Docs, and in window for Zoho you saw different formats of dates, now it is one format, and this format is "sortable" what should be helpful for those who run OOo2GD using Java 1.6.
This version should also fix problem with empty folder/directory for storing downloaded documents.
Another cosmetic change is the fact that from now you will not see message after successful upload/update.
Also error messages should be more informative :-)

As always you may download new version from OOo2GD page in AddOns repository or from project page.

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