Saturday, October 3, 2009

Download your document in choosen format from Google Docs with OOo2GD 1.8.0 :-)

Two changes, first is adding support for downloading files from Google Docs in choosen format, this should help to preserve more complicated formating [I think Google Docs is the best in exporting MS Word documents]

You can choose format for spreadsheets and documents, for presentation you are able to select only PPT ;-)
GUI isn't obvious but shouldn't be difficult to understand.

Second change is return of refresh "icon", on button for refreshing list of documents in Upload window.

We have here also some small internal changes, the most significant is change of this how OOo2GD will report itself to Google Docs.

As always I invite you to download, from OOo2GD page in extensions repository [to now it was downloaded almost 177 thousands times :-)] or from project page.

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