Friday, August 14, 2009

OOo2GD 1.7.2

In this version OOo2GD is packed with newest Google Client Libraries.
Thanks to this it increased it size from 1.1 MB to 2.3 MB ;-) but also should work better with Google Docs servers.


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OOo2GD 1.6.0 :-)


  1. "In this version OOo2GD is packed with newest Google Client Libraries."

    Does it mean the old version can't establish connection with Google anymore ?

    Thanks for this neat extension. OOo2GD is "must have" extension for me.

  2. It is possible that some operations may don't work with old version with old libraries.

  3. wow very fast reply ! XD

    I just updated OOo2GD from extension manager.

  4. just out of curiosity, but what is the difference between "export" and "update" in this page ?

    Does it mean, if I upload same titled file to google docs, the original file on server will be overwrite to the new one (so no duplicate file) ?

  5. update cause that old version of document is replaced with new one, export creates new document.

    So if you downloaded:
    you made some changes,
    and finally you uploaded it as update, and your old file will be overridden by new

    if you will upload it as new file you will have two budget.ods files in OOo

  6. hmmm and it seems I can see the doc and pdf files on the list when I click the "Import from google docs".

    and even though it is a doc file actually, the file was displayed as "odt" and convert to odt when I download it. As a result of this conversion, text on the downloaded file are collapsed.

    Does it what you mean at "SupportedDocumentFormats" page as odt is an only file type can be imported from server ?

    I thought that mean only the file originally saved as odt can be imported (downloaded) from server...

  7. This page says that you can export ODT, SXW, DOC, RTF, ODS, XLS, CSV, PPT or PPS to Google Docs from [if file isn't in any of those formats extension will try to convert given format to one ODT, ODS or PPT]
    From your file Google Docs will create it own document in Google own format.

    You may also put file in any of mentioned upper format to Google Docs as a new version of any existing document/spreadsheet/presentation in Google Docs. In this case your newly uploaded file will be converted to Google Docs internal format and will override existing document as a new version.

    When you will download anything from Google Docs it will be converted by Google Docs from it internal format to ODT for documents, ODS for spreadsheets and PPT for presentations.

    Google Docs didn't support keeping unchanged versions of files, they aren't big network drive, but "network office".

    If you want to work with something what may work as network drive you may use OOo2GD to export your files to WebDAV server [you may use here account]

  8. If I upload odt file from beginning, do you think it can prevent collapse on text after import file from Google docs through OOo2GD ?

    well, your last reply seems to mean as this collapse caused by google's internal conversion already happened when I upload file, but the doc file is displayed without any problems on the Google Docs website. The collapse happens only after I import it through OOo2GD, and I start to wondering doc to odt conversion somehow regards this issue. Additionally, if I download file as .doc directly from Google Docs website, the file can be displayed without any problems on Openoffice.

    Thank you for the kind reply, anyway...

  9. Did you try to download this document as ODT from Google Docs?
    Maybe converter to ODT isn't perfect, if it is true I will try to add possibility to decide in which format you want to download your document.

  10. ok in this time, I downloaded the DOC file on problem directly from GoogleDocs website as ODT. and as a are right. The text is collapsed too as it can be seen in the case of using OOo2GD. I made sample file for easy understand of this problem.

    This file was saved in DOC format by OOo3.1 and uploaded to Google docs without any changes. you can download this file as ODT and see what's happen on the text from File>>Download file as option.


  11. link seems to be collapsed on previous my post. here is short version. hope this time it works.