Sunday, January 11, 2009

OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs 1.4.1

New day and new version ;-) This time it is 1.4.1. In this version I fixed little and nasty problem which caused that in some rare occasions users got error Problem: no object DCH for MIME application /atom+XML instead of uploading files to Google Docs.

Problem was caused by the fact that in some cases Swing EDT thread might be started with "wrong" ClassLoader, and wasn't able to access libraries needed to contact with Google Docs. This version should fix this problem.


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  1. hi!

    i... have found a bug in ooo2gd... when downloading a file from gdocs, the download bar achieves 100%, but no file is opened by openoffice;

    the cause was that, days ago, i have downloaded a file as some user in my system, edited it, everything was ok; than, later, as *another* user, i tryied to download the *same* file in the *same* computer; i think that the program downloaded the /tmp/file.odt.part, but coudn't move it to /tmp/file.odt, because of its previous permissions; i propose a solution: don't leave any file in /tmp ; or, if it could not be done, give the user a warning, or save the file under another name...


  2. Thanks! :-)

    I created Issue with this description

  3. oh, next time (!) i'll use this tool ;)

    and... well, i use your program only with google docs... have you considered the possibility of setting the 'sharing' options of a document, with ooo2gd?

  4. How shows my survey majority of OOo2GD users [94%] uses it mainly with Google Docs, 5% uses it mainly with WebDAV, and 1% uses it mainly with Zoho. So Google Docs features are "natural"... but I never thought more about sharing feature. I will need to think about it.
    Thanks for suggestion!

  5. the motivation behind this idea is that, for a document that i have, when formatted in ooo and uploaded, its format is lost when opened in gdocs to edit; strangely enough, if when (re)formatting it in gdocs and download to ooo, the text appears weird again...

    it is just an idea, but enabling to set sharing from ooo2gd, one can use gdocs just as a repository for its documents ;)