Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What sux in G1?

Really, HTC should think about version with battery ;-)
Current one is similar to UPS, it helps between short moments when you are not connected to proper power source ;-)
With old Nokia or Alcatel [both proud European companies :-)] I had about a week of work without charging, with G1 it's a day.

Finger marks on screen.
When you see G1 which is used by someone else you start to wonder why this person didn't wash her hands. Whole screen is covered with marks of fingers. It looks disgusting.
When you owe G1 you start to understand it ;-) Wash your hands and next try to input unlocking pattern ;-) But even with those clean hands your fingers will left ugly tracks on screen.

Or rather the fact that from time to time you may met on G1 lack of responsiveness. Here are some hard moments when you can see your wallpaper and you need to wait.... and wait... and wait....
But here it is common behavior of many mobile devices. For me it looks that during development those devices are quick and everything works nice and smooth, but in next phase when those wonderful devices are converted to versions for real world market they met physics laws, and what become worser, economy laws. So designers throw out from those devices quicker CPUs because users have strange habit to keep phone disconnected from power line, they threw out also normal batteries, because those batteries costs more, and weights more too ;-)

But considering all this, I must say that G1 is coolest piece of mobile equipment I ever had. It's true GeekPhone :-)

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